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UK Gum Cards Album
Featured Album - Owner: admin - 95 items
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68' A&BC Land of the Giants
Mint checklist card #55
 Views: 339
Posted by garno
Mar 04, 2013
64' A&BC Footballer Scottish
Full Mint set with counter display box and wax wrappers
 Views: 396
Posted by garno
Aug 20, 2015
65' A&BC Civil War News wax pack
Why did some A&BC packs come with and without price on? Is this a foreign issue pack ie France, Spain or Germany?
 Views: 462
Posted by garno
Apr 12, 2013
65' battle military emblem
 Cut every which way and very rarely centered!
 Views: 372
Posted by garno
Feb 17, 2013
65' Somportex the exciting world of James Bond
A Mint card is classed by many as a card straight out of the packet but may have manufacturing flaws. However, this card was professionally graded by the PSA and is classed as Mint Gem 10 meaning perfect. That means it is not out of focus, has no printing defects, is near on perfectly centered, is n…
 Views: 472
Posted by garno
Feb 16, 2013
Zoom Details 1
66' A&BC Bat Laffs
Variant backs (card no1). What's the story behind the change and production run? What is the rarer card back?
 Views: 385
 Comments: 1
Posted by garno
Mar 04, 2013
66' A&BC Black Bat/Black Bat Fan Club Panel display box
Has any one got a picture of an A&BC 66' Red Bat display box?
 Views: 431
Posted by garno
Jan 04, 2013
Zoom Details 2
66' A&BC Red Bat Wrapper
Does anyone know if the 66' Blue Bat cards came in this wrapper? If not has anyone got 66' Blue Bat wrapper?

More importantly has anyone got either counter display boxes?

Any pics or info., to confirm would be much appreciated as I've wanted to know for decades!
 Views: 398
 Comments: 2
Posted by garno
Feb 20, 2013
66' Somportex Thunderball
Unopened pack. There are a few cards in this set that have either been withdrawn or are variations. Card #24 that’s no lady was withdrawn I believe and was replaced by Searching through the Junkanoo. This was due to a violent scene showing Bond hitting a man dressed as a woman! Card #15 Junkanoo and…
 Views: 543
Posted by garno
Jan 05, 2013
68' A&BC Land of the Giants Counter Display Box.
Not often seen!
 Views: 646
Posted by garno
Mar 04, 2013
On the 21st July 1969 Neil Alden Armstrong the Commander of Apollo 11 became the first human to set foot on the moon. Thanks to Nigel Mercer [] and Douglas Coakley an original member of the team that founded A&BC Chewing Gum for providing confirmation that this set was…
 Views: 448
Posted by garno
Feb 17, 2013
72' A&BC Fantastic Twisters
The last of the foldees set,from A&BC.......
 Views: 532
Posted by garno
Mar 31, 2013
A & BC Gum Pin Up Posters 1970
The Mighty Wynn Davies my first football hero Come on without come on within you aint seen nothing like The Mighty Wynn
 Views: 431
Posted by magpiemick
Mar 11, 2013
A &BC Gum Footballers 1972
Unopened original packet
 Views: 327
Posted by magpiemick
May 05, 2013
A&BC 1961 Test Cricket Counter display box
 From the England v Australia tour series 1961.Australia won the series 2-1
 Views: 457
Posted by Captain Pugwash
Mar 01, 2013
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