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UK Gum Cards Album
Featured Album - Owner: admin - 95 items
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A&BC Battle of Britain Counter display box
The cards that came in this box were from shots taken from the film.
 Views: 763
Posted by Captain Pugwash
Feb 24, 2008
68' A&BC Land of the Giants Counter Display Box.
Not often seen!
 Views: 642
Posted by garno
Mar 04, 2013
A&BC Gum Military Emblems 1966
Silk/cloth emblems issued with Battle cards.

Some emblems wouldn't stay flat when photographed and appear curved.
 Views: 585
Posted by Captain Pugwash
Mar 12, 2013
A&BC Fantastic Twisters
Uncut sheet. Nice.
 Views: 572
Posted by garno
Jan 04, 2013
66' Somportex Thunderball
Unopened pack. There are a few cards in this set that have either been withdrawn or are variations. Card #24 that’s no lady was withdrawn I believe and was replaced by Searching through the Junkanoo. This was due to a violent scene showing Bond hitting a man dressed as a woman! Card #15 Junkanoo and…
 Views: 534
Posted by garno
Jan 05, 2013
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A&BC The Champions counter display box
This box is from 1969. The Champions were Alexandra Bastedo as Sharon Macready,Stuart Damon as Craig Stirling and William Gaunt as Richard Barrett in the Sci-fi TV series.
 Views: 525
 Comments: 2
 Rating: 4.96
Posted by Captain Pugwash
Feb 24, 2008
A&BC Star Trek
The worlds only PSA graded Mint Gem 10 Perfect 69' A&BC Star Trek card. 1 OF 1 OF 1. Will there be another one?
 Views: 523
Posted by garno
Jan 04, 2013
72' A&BC Fantastic Twisters
The last of the foldees set,from A&BC.......
 Views: 519
Posted by garno
Mar 31, 2013
A&BC TV Cartoon Tattoos display box
Another counter box from 1972
 Views: 488
Posted by Captain Pugwash
Feb 24, 2008
Ultra rare A&BC Batman
Gum Badges Vending Machine Paper Insert slip
 Views: 485
Posted by garno
Jan 05, 2013
A&BC Star Trek
Based on the episode called, what are little girls made of? Were these the first Colour photo Star Trek cards available? Apparently there has been a find of some cards with a Desilu, 1968 copyright. My sets have a Paramount 1969 copyright. My wrappers, have a 1968 Desilu copyright. Not much is known…
 Views: 470
Posted by garno
Jan 04, 2013
This is where I bought a lot of my A&BC, Somportex and Anglo cards
Astons tuck shop use to be in a village called Cranham near Upminster in Essex. This was not too far from Harold Hill near Romford where A&BC cards were manufactured. 
 Views: 469
 Rating: 4.06
Posted by garno
Feb 17, 2013
Ultra rare A&BC Banknotes uncut Roll
Unnumbered series of 17 issued in 1971 with Flags.
 Views: 466
Posted by garno
Jul 27, 2014
A&BC Battle of Britain
 Views: 457
Posted by garno
Jan 04, 2013
65' A&BC Civil War News wax pack
Why did some A&BC packs come with and without price on? Is this a foreign issue pack ie France, Spain or Germany?
 Views: 452
Posted by garno
Apr 12, 2013
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