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McLaghlins Coffe Card 1893
 Views: 511
Posted by magpiemick
Apr 09, 2015
 Views: 365
Posted by magpiemick
Mar 22, 2015
 Views: 346
Posted by magpiemick
Mar 13, 2015
out of my regular comfort zone but found these cards attractive and interesting
 Views: 359
Posted by magpiemick
Mar 13, 2015
Liebig s484 The Christmas Tree I (1896)
 Views: 241
Posted by cigcardpix2
Dec 13, 2014
Au Bon Marche - Months (1910)
 Views: 232
Posted by cigcardpix2
Dec 13, 2014
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W N Sharpe Shield Card
Everton FC Trade Card by W N Sharpe c.1900
 Views: 339
 Comments: 2
Posted by Toffeeman
Aug 26, 2014
Lefevre-Utile Biscuits "Madame Heglon" in Samson & Delilah c1910
 Views: 265
Posted by cigcardpix2
Jul 31, 2014
Le Petit Chat Savon - Scotland, c1904
 Views: 254
Posted by cigcardpix2
Jul 31, 2014
Au Bon Marche "Costumes" 1901
 Views: 270
Posted by cigcardpix2
Jul 31, 2014
Hancocks's Heroes
Got any of these mister ?

 Views: 271
Posted by Penno55
Jun 21, 2014
Turnwrights, South Africa
Here is an unusual cricket card issued in South Africa by Turnwrights from their Sheba Cricket Series depicting Marshal(SIC) Riddell. The card is numbered (26) but not checked how many cards are in the set. Judging from his career stats I would estimate these were issued in the late 1960's. The card…
 Views: 402
 Rating: 4.06
Posted by Penno55
May 20, 2014
Richard Forshaw & Co Ltd.,Bootle,Liverpool
An interesting type card issued wish fishing hooks manufactured by C.E.D. Harris & Co Ltd Redditch specially for Richard Forshaw & Co Ltd. I havent looked them up in the reference book so I am going to give the set a title of Freshwater Fish (imaginative I know). It is noted as being a set of 14 and…
 Views: 292
Posted by Penno55
May 20, 2014
Scotts Car Club Dublin - James Bond Aston Martin 1968
Found this little gem at Southport AGM along with 3 other cards from the same series. It is a redemption set of 36 and you would have received your cards back date stamped and clipped at the edge. Not sure of what value these cards hold but this one isn't going anywhere soon.
 Views: 323
Posted by Penno55
May 19, 2014
Biscuits Pernot "Famous Women" c1900
 Views: 299
Posted by cigcardpix2
May 10, 2014
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