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Cigarette Card Gallery
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Royal Munster Fusiliers BDV Regimental Colours
 Views: 577
Posted by wolfie
Aug 06, 2012
'Birds and Eggs'
Lambert and Butler, Edwards Ringer and Bigg, Harvey and Davy and Churchmans. cards from the 'Birds and Eggs' series.
 Views: 541
Posted by Cedric1812
Sep 18, 2012
B MORRIS & SONS LTD Actresses 1898
 Views: 537
Posted by magpiemick
Apr 10, 2013
20121109 092025
 Views: 506
Posted by magpiemick
Nov 09, 2012
Hignetts AFC NICKNAMES no 4 Birmingham City
Great set of cartoon like characters for football team nicknames
 Views: 493
Posted by magpiemick
May 11, 2013
20121109 092012
 Views: 489
Posted by magpiemick
Nov 09, 2012
Hartley's Tobacco Co. (Cape Town) 'South African English Cricket Tour 1929'
 Views: 478
Posted by Cedric1812
Mar 28, 2013
Sudbury Town v Churchmans Good Friday March 26th 1948
 Views: 468
Posted by magpiemick
Apr 06, 2013
Doanld Simpson Bell VC
The only footballer to win the VC The Yorkshire Regiment and Newcastle United
 Views: 457
Posted by magpiemick
Apr 13, 2013
 Views: 450
Posted by GuineaGoldjr
Apr 23, 2012
More coloured Guinea Golds
 Views: 449
Posted by GuineaGoldjr
Feb 04, 2011
Churchmans Wild Animals 1907 The Sable
 Views: 440
Posted by magpiemick
Mar 31, 2013
Base "M" Minnie Palmer
Just to give an example and this is for the real enthusiasts, I have attached 3 different cards of the same photograph but these are the Base "M" large cards, both are known as base type "B", (there are 4 recognized sub types of the Base "M") and just to complicate it even more I am sure that there…
 Views: 425
 Rating: 4.96
Posted by Ogdenscards
Apr 30, 2012
Some cards from Gallahers (1936) 'Famous Jockeys' and Ogdens (1906) 'Owners, Racing Colours and Jockeys' (blue back).
 Views: 424
Posted by Cedric1812
Aug 11, 2012
Northumberland Fusiliers BDV Silk card
This is the card that started it all fro me.
 Views: 410
Posted by wolfie
Aug 06, 2012
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