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UK Trade Cards Album
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newcastle all time greats different but the same
Same set of pictures but on different card stock and issed by different companies. The set on the left was issued by Sloan & Graham and the right hand set by Northumberland Village see other scan fro different backs
 Views: 536
 Comments: 3
Posted by wolfie
Apr 13, 2013
first interacial kiss on tv
The episode Platos stepchild is remembered for the first ever interacial kiss on TV. Card 60 from the skybox master series art work by Sonia R Hillios
 Views: 518
Posted by wolfie
Feb 16, 2013
backside of newcastle all time greats
 Views: 492
Posted by wolfie
Apr 13, 2013
TM Continental Candy Company Snoots Nose Kids - Obverse
 Views: 416
Posted by fossil
Mar 04, 2013
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Baines Football Shield - Huddersfield
Any ideas on who H. Wrigley was gents would be much appreciated!
 Views: 398
 Comments: 1
Posted by Cedric1812
Jan 05, 2014
huntley & palmers
set issued approx 1900-ish
british warship shown .
 Views: 386
 Comments: 1
Posted by Robin Friday
Jun 04, 2013
My Weekly Silk Loos
 Views: 381
Posted by wolfie
Aug 07, 2012
SPAR Grocers Disney Movee Cavalcade
Here is an example of these lesser-spotted 'wiggle-waggle' cards, front and back, and sealed packet of  Disney Movee Cavalcade from SPAR Grocers, c.1972.  I think the printed backs are scarcer as I am more used to seeing plain back variants.  What do you think?
 Views: 379
Posted by anonymous_pigeon
Feb 24, 2013
My Weekly Silk Ypres
 Views: 370
Posted by wolfie
Aug 06, 2012
My Weekly Silk Marne
 Views: 358
Posted by wolfie
Aug 07, 2012
Halifax Cabinet Size Trade Card
 Views: 356
Posted by fossil
Mar 04, 2013
Dance of Death
Hildebrandt - 1992 .
 Views: 354
 Rating: 4.06
Posted by Robin Friday
Jul 07, 2013
All taken from the epics base set
 Views: 352
Posted by wolfie
Jun 07, 2015
Collage taken from various sets
 Views: 352
Posted by wolfie
Jun 07, 2015
DC THompson Stat Footballers Metal J Boyd
J Boyd Newcastle United
 Views: 351
Posted by magpiemick
Mar 11, 2013
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