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UK Trade Cards Album
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Cadbury's "British Birds & Eggs"
 Views: 324
 Rating: 4.96
Posted by cigcardpix2
Oct 26, 2013
Nestle Milk - Candle Rings (Birds)
From a set of 6 in an envelope consisting of:

The Bullfinch
The Canary
The Goldfinch
The Linnet
The Nightingale
The Robin

The archives at Nestle didn't know exactly when they were issued but estimated 1870s. Thought I'd share with you guys and if you have any info or thoughts I'd be interested!
 Views: 305
 Rating: 4.06
Posted by Cedric1812
Apr 30, 2013
Dance of Death
Hildebrandt - 1992 .
 Views: 362
 Rating: 4.06
Posted by Robin Friday
Jul 07, 2013
Goddard's Metal Polish "Four Generations" 1923
 Views: 245
 Rating: 4.06
Posted by cigcardpix2
May 10, 2014
My Weekly Silk Ypres
 Views: 373
Posted by wolfie
Aug 06, 2012
My Weekly Silk Loos
 Views: 388
Posted by wolfie
Aug 07, 2012
My Weekly Silk Marne
 Views: 361
Posted by wolfie
Aug 07, 2012
My Weekly Silk The Somme
Just have to say, the way the soldier is waving his helmet against a clear blue sky makes it all seem like a game. As we all know the reality was somewhat different. Still would look nice on a tea cosy.  ::)
 Views: 349
Posted by wolfie
Aug 07, 2012
james t kirk
card 01 from the skybox master series STAR TREK and it has to be james t kirk
 Views: 315
Posted by wolfie
Feb 16, 2013
Mr Spock
of course card 2 in the series has to be Spock from the original series art work by Keith Birdsong
 Views: 314
Posted by wolfie
Feb 16, 2013
USS Enterprise
NCC 1701 The very first USS enterprise as far as I am concerned. This is card 42 in the skybox master series
 Views: 311
Posted by wolfie
Feb 16, 2013
first interacial kiss on tv
The episode Platos stepchild is remembered for the first ever interacial kiss on TV. Card 60 from the skybox master series art work by Sonia R Hillios
 Views: 524
Posted by wolfie
Feb 16, 2013
DC New 52 Trade card
Given away at comic book shops its a check list/advertising feature for a series of DC cards
 Views: 338
Posted by wolfie
Feb 16, 2013
DC New 52 trade card reverse
Reverse of the batman/joker trade card showing the check list of comics in the series
 Views: 266
Posted by wolfie
Feb 16, 2013
SPAR Grocers Disney Movee Cavalcade
Here is an example of these lesser-spotted 'wiggle-waggle' cards, front and back, and sealed packet of  Disney Movee Cavalcade from SPAR Grocers, c.1972.  I think the printed backs are scarcer as I am more used to seeing plain back variants.  What do you think?
 Views: 388
Posted by anonymous_pigeon
Feb 24, 2013
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