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Title: Ogdens Guinea golds again !
Post by: ridgeback on April 15, 2018, 10:04:50 PM
Some of you may recall that a couple of years ago I picked up an album with around 800 GGs in it.Since then its sat in my card collection pretty much untouched,that was until my last auction find when there were another 100 GGs found.
Anyway, having chatted to David a while back about the complexity of GGs I decided I would buy the new "Card Issues of Ogdens" book and have a good read before diving in and sorting them out.
The book is a mine of information without a doubt,although to be truthful I found the reproductions of the cards poor,and I was rather hoping it would contain a list of the numbered series 330S 1/1148 but it does not..or if it does I cant see it.It tells me about all the variations in the set but not whats in it..more disappointment.

So my question is simple

Can anyone point me towards a list of the subjects in the 1/1148 series,I presume as they are all numbered such a list must exist ? As far as bases go I think I will deal with those later .
Title: Re: Ogdens Guinea golds again !
Post by: madmike on April 21, 2018, 07:16:02 PM
David may have prepared one for his book, but otherwise, I don't think one exists. In my experience, the Reference Books tend to only list subjects of unnumbered sets, the reasoning being that you wouldn't know from an unnumbered set what to collect otherwise, whereas with a numbered set, you can of course go by the number. As far as I am aware, the only numbered cards which have their subjects detailed in the Ogdens book are ones where there are varieties in the subject for the given number.
Title: Re: Ogdens Guinea golds again !
Post by: ridgeback on April 22, 2018, 09:11:31 AM
Thats great Mike,thanks for taking the time to reply.I know what you mean about the numbers,but it would be great to have a list of subjects so you could look out for them,if they were listed you could also cross them off in the book as you went,although maybe that's all a bit too trainspottery :-) . I also noticed there are more than 1 GG series numbered so how does a GG newbie know which numbers come from which series ?..

Anyway your post seems to confirm what I had thought,so thank you.
Title: Re: Ogdens Guinea golds again !
Post by: bri.d on April 22, 2018, 10:14:13 AM
There are 5 sets of Numbered cards 1/1148. New series 1 on the bottom of the card. 1-400. New series 1 with prefix B B1-400
series C with prefix C C1-300.
Title: Re: Ogdens Guinea golds again !
Post by: Ogdenscards on April 24, 2018, 11:47:39 AM
Yes I do have the complete list of all the subjects in all the numbered and unnumbered cards of Ogdens, Tabs, GG's, and the standard cards.

Progress has been slow the last twelve months been 100% on a claim with the bank.

It is my intention to, rather than one huge book to divide my writings into about 12-15 sections, each being sold separately. One section will be purely on the numbered Guinea Gold cards showing all the names and themes. Some of the images I have already shown on this site previously showing varieties.

The number of pages is dictated by the number of images, the more there is the fatter the section. What I am thinking now is A4 magazine type on each section, similar to "The Card Scene"

The immediate sections that I have used are similar to the world index namely

Pre ITC the OGDEN'S ERA which is up to 1902.
The ITC era end of 1902 -1940 and some a little beyond.
A section for the TABS
GUINEA GOLD Section but broken down in to numerous sub sections, numbered, New series, Boar War and China, Base M, and other Bases
Tins & Packets
Advertising and promotions

Within all these sections there is the history of the progress of the factory and people, evidenced by the newspaper adverts and the archives in Liverpool.

The red book is great and has been really useful for me but lacks in certain circumstances, a few you have already opined out, limited and poor images, and only the unnumbered cards listed.

I have listed every card and tried to establish a limited theme of categories as often by just knowing the name doesn't give you sufficient information to distinguish between the name of a horse or a dog, which can be irritating when certain dealers organise their stock by themes such as Horse Racing of Football.

Another comment I have used in the description of a series is how easy or difficult the series or in some circumstances particular cards are, have also identified the premium cards. There is a slight issue with this in that the cards I identify as rare or premium will be used by dealers in the amount they charge, but most of them they already know, but there are a few they do not.

All the sections will not be ready in one go but progressive. Another problem is that I do not have in my collection some of the cards I wish to have scans of, but this does improve with time.

Also if you are a member of the CSGB then you will be seeing in the CARD WORLD magazine the new finds of OGDEN's, most of which has been by myself but others have certainly contributed.

Its a bit of a dilemma whether to hand out my list to assist people but that will deflate somewhat the eventual issue of my works. The whole thing started for myself just to list what I have and what I want, which progressed to find out the information not included in the red book.

I will with enthusiasm and to the best of my ability answer any questions on the subject of Ogdens and also appreciate any contribution.

Just to end I turned 60 yesterday and will be at the convention on Saturaday, please tap me on the shoulder and introduce yourself, and bring along your examples or questions.
Title: Re: Ogdens Guinea golds again !
Post by: GuineaGoldjr on April 24, 2018, 07:31:20 PM
Happy birthday for yesterday David.
Myself and all other Ogdens collectors await the publishing of your work with bated breath-any timescale on when you will be releasing the first one?
Do you intend to print paper copies or just make them available online to download?
Hopefully any collectors who have cards that are not shown in your publications will inform you and also provide pictures of these unlisted cards so that you could maybe publish an amendment/update say once per year?