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Author Topic: broke bond tea , prints  (Read 1769 times)


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broke bond tea , prints
« on: August 18, 2012, 03:32:43 PM »
i have managed to get one of my daughters, download today, in the tea card section of the gallery, fourteen images of prints issued by brooke bond tea.
they are all around A4 size, so fit nicely in the hendon one pocket page album leaf.
two of the sets of four, was illustrated by graeme sims, the artist for the set 'vanishing wildlife', and lthe set of six, illustrated by richard orr, the artist for incredible creatures'
these sets were normally issued, in conjuction with new sets of cards issued in the tea packets, and could be purchased either as a set, or individual print from brooke bond.
these are the only sets i an aware of, in which i have in my collection, although there may have been other sets issued prior to theses sets, or at a later date.
i know that there is a great following by collectors, of brooke bond tea material, so i hope that collectors will find these images in the gallery, of interest to them


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