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Author Topic: putting a generalised value on the tea cards I have, for insurance not sale  (Read 1687 times)


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OK, I have the following tea cards and albums:

Complete Albums:

Bird Portraits -A series of British Birds x 2
History of aviation
Wild Flowers (Series 2)
British Wildlife

Incomplete Albums:

British Costume
Asian Wildlife
Wildlife in Danger
African Wildlife
Tropical Birds
British Butterflies
Trees in Britain
Wild Birds in Britain
The Sea-our other world
Transport through the ages

Loose Cards

11 x African wildlife
1 x Asian wildlife
1 x Olympic greats
3 x Woodland Wildlife
41 x Wonders of wildlife
24 x Inventors & Inventions
28 x the sea-our other world
8 x wildlife in danger
6 x adventurers and explorers
4x police file
2 x history of aviation
1 x trees of britain
2 x butterflies of the world
4 x small wonders
10 x vanishing wildlife
8 x transport through the ages
4 x flags and emblems of the world

Any ideas on a very rough insurance value?  Or does it depend on the issue numbers on the individual cards?  If the latter, I will get to work on that straight away. :-)

Thanks all :-)


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  • britians .diecast. cigarette & brooke bond cards
unforchhantly there all brooke bond with very little value. the bird portraits is the best one you have. stuck in album £5.00
british wildlife £3-£5.00
just to give you an idea i sold 10,000 on ebay a few months ago for £83.00 which was more than i expected
always looking for unlisted. brooke bond cards. albums. order forms. canadian dinosaur reprints. spyfile cards


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OK, I'm really not disappointed, I was just genuinely interested to get them insured, but now I know I don't have to! :)


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